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Useful tools and websites to make your work easier. Free photos and icons, file conversion, social media and a rich set of tips & tricks.

14 September 2018

DeepL – fast and accurate, free online translator

Conveniently translate texts and entire documents into one of the seven foreign languages available with DeepL
11 January 2018
Convert Case - szybka zamiana wielkich liter na małe - szmigieldesign

Convert Case – quick conversion of capital letters to lower case letters

Quickly and easily convert capitalised text into correct, legible text using the form on the website.
4 January 2018

How do I refresh the description and thumbnail of a link shared on Facebook?

How to overload the Facebook preview buffer so that after updating the content on our site, we can correctly display the thumbnail and description.
11 December 2017

iconmonstr – monstrously rich gallery of free icons

iconmonstr is a monstrously large gallery of graphically coherent, legible, simple and repeatable icons, which can be used free of charge in any project.
23 November 2017

Unsplash – free, high quality, creative photographs

Read about what makes Unsplash a great place to find many unique and free photographs for commercial use.
19 January 2014

CloudConvert – file conversion in the cloud

Easily convert your selected files to other formats.
29 November 2013

f.lux – take care of your eyes and sleep well

How to control the blue glow of the display and not blink your eyes in front of the computer.
24 October 2013

Noisli – digital background for work and rest

Internet relaxation machine. Audio. Free of charge.