Essays, or longer forms for those who are not afraid to read. A deeper look at creative work, usefulness in design and intentional action.
10 August 2018
Jak skutecznie zniechęcić użytkownika | szmigieldesign

How to effectively discourage the user?

The phone explodes and the inbox breaks at the seams? See how to discourage people from staying on your website for longer, and get you some precious silence.
9 February 2018
Dlaczego odłożyłem lustrzankę i coraz chętniej fotografuję telefonem | szmigieldesign

Why have I put my DSLR camera away and increasingly take pictures on the phone?

A story about deliberate action and how the development of computational photography allowed me to enjoy taking pictures without a SLR camera and heavy lenses.
17 January 2018
Nie da się!

It’s impossible!

What is really hidden under the term 'impossible', which is typical of the creative industries?