Working with text

Tips, series of programs and techniques useful when working with text.

14 September 2018

DeepL – fast and accurate, free online translator

Conveniently translate texts and entire documents into one of the seven foreign languages available with DeepL
7 April 2018
Dlaczego pełne justowanie tekstu w internecie to zły pomysł? | szmigieldesign

Why full justification on the web is a bad idea

Copying some printing solutions directly to the Internet is a risky idea. Learn how to prepare a text so that it is easy to read and does not bother your eyes.
11 January 2018
Convert Case - szybka zamiana wielkich liter na małe - szmigieldesign

Convert Case – quick conversion of capital letters to lower case letters

Quickly and easily convert capitalised text into correct, legible text using the form on the website.