WordPress Servicing

Thanks to the Wordpress platform, having your own place on the web is within your reach. Even though it is a remarkably clear and accessible system, some issues to do with servicing a website created this way may still seem complicated. Therefore, we offer technical support both at the stage of creating the site and at during operation.

WordPress A to Z

We will help create the website from the ground or optimise an existing one to fulfil the clarity requirements and to be compatible with popular browsers and mobile devices. You can commission us with regular updates of content you shared, as well as managing it.

Safe and virus-free CMS

We will also ensure that your space on the web is professionally made and also, first and foremost, safe. We provide regular and meticulous audits in order to detect and neutralize any dangers that may impact both the existence of your website as well as the published data.

Graphic and development work

In addition, we offer support during modification of graphics, and with creating it from scratch, to form a coherent entity with the content presented on the website.

Graphic Design Services