Graphic Design

While clothes do not make the man, it can’t be denied that appearance is a significant feature. Because of that, we attach a great deal of importance to graphic design. We strive to have our graphics not only attract superficial interest but, above all, arrest people’s attention for good.

Creatively, coherently and always to the point

Regardless of the material we prepare, if it is a website, promotional materials or business cards, we make sure that their appealing packaging effectively presents the content within as well.

Design that works

We design prints, logos and commercials corresponding to current trends. At the same time we build on longtime experience and knowledge acquired in the area of marketing. It allows as to adjust our designs to the expectations of potential recipients and make them clear and have them fulfil the criteria of good advertising.

Comprehensive graphics servicing

We offer to prepare complete graphics for both commercial and personal use, advertising materials, and business cards. We will design a logo for your company and we will provide complete branding.

Completed projects

Selected designs:

SHOW your bellydance

Complete editorial and brand design for oriental dance magazine.


Logo and promotional materials design for University of Lower Silesia Repository.

JCI Wrocław

Advertising materials design for JCI Wroclaw association.


Corporate identity design for psychological counselling and personal development centre.