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Online Shops and Product Catalogues

We realise how important presentation is in successful sales and we would like to facilitate promoting your product. To do that, we create a bespoke design of an online shop, according to your requirements and preferences. We provide modern artwork that will emphasize the appeal and assets of the stock.

Speed and accessibility

Our work is based on the newest technologies that guarantee the maximum loading speed and compatibility with the most popular browsers and mobile devices. Because of that, your online shop will gain higher chances of reaching the clients.

Integrations and automations of the shop

Apart from preparing the website, we also offer access to a popular e-commerce platform which enables a wide range of possibilities of shop management. We also provide independent editing of content, integration with CRM systems and transactions such as Pay-U.

User-friendly training materials

By commissioning us with designing of your online shop you gain a wholly unique product as well as full technical support. We also send user-friendly training materials in the form of video clips which are to explain any issues concerning the use of the website.

Fast and safe access to the stock

In case of interest in a server for the shop on the dhosting platform, we offer a 15% discount on a fully scaled account including SSD discs and PHP7 as well as SSL Let’s Encrypt certificates.

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Completed projects

Selected e-commerce implementations:

E-commerce solution developed for Woldrew to a graphics design by Emilia Żukrowska-Pflaum.
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Polskie Frykasy

E-commerce solution developed in cooperation with Orfin Studio to a graphic design by Roksana Orfin-Grabowska.
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