1 November 2014

HDR+, photography according to Google

Why it is worth thinking differently from everyone and why in a few years' time the market for digital SLR cameras may be in serious trouble.
8 April 2014

Tribal Vanguard

A selection of photographs from the "Tribal Vanguard" dance event and a handful of information about Magic Lantern firmware.
19 January 2014

CloudConvert – file conversion in the cloud

Easily convert your selected files to other formats.
29 November 2013

f.lux – take care of your eyes and sleep well

How to control the blue glow of the display and not blink your eyes in front of the computer.
24 October 2013

Noisli – digital background for work and rest

Internet relaxation machine. Audio. Free of charge.
20 September 2013

Twitter Bootstrap in response to the needs of the modern Internet

Find out what's in favor of the Twitter Bootstrap development platform and why it's worth investing in building a website based on this system.
26 July 2013

Responsive Web Design

Find out what it is all about and why it's worth using responsive design on your website.